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If you use Metamucil as your fiber supplement, then a Metamucil coupon is a must-have to help you save some money. Many people prefer Metamucil over other kinds of supplements because of its natural ingredient, psyllium husk.

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Metamucil is a healthy supplement which can help to regulate bowel movements and this is a very useful for someone who is suffering from constipation. It can help to prevent painful gas and cramping of the stomach. Regardless of the economy, you can still purchase your necessary dosage of your fiber supplement using a Metamucil coupon.

Why Use A Metamucil Coupon

These days, more and more people are turning to daily fiber supplement intake because they are worried that the diet they take in from food alone is not sufficient in terms of providing them with what the body needs. As people’s lifestyle gets busier and busier, most of us have to turn to eating out instead of eating home cooked food. Thus, we tend to not take in enough vegetables and fruits and so there is not enough fiber in our system to help our bowel movements.

To help our bowels move more regularly, there are supplements that we can add to our daily diet. These can take the form of pills but some people prefer liquid intake. In that case, Metamucil is a very good suggestion because it can dissolve very easily in water but without tasting funny. You will just be like drinking a glass of water when you take in this supplement. Another reason for its popularity is its 100% natural ingredients used in Metamucil.

A Metamucil Coupon For Different Flavors

To cater to the needs of different individuals, the company has come up with a variety of flavors for consumers to choose from. As such, now you can get berry flavors, fruit punch as well as orange flavor. When you consume Metamucil on a daily basis, you are ensuring that your body system takes in around 25 to 25 grams of fiber each day. In the long run, this can even help to reduce weight and keep your cholesterol level in the healthy stage. It will also help to solve whatever constipation problem you may be suffering from.

If you have not started using Metamucil as your fiber supplements, it is high time you try it out. You will find that your constipation problem improves very significantly over time. You can even make use of a Metamucil coupon to help you save some money when you purchase the product so you try the supplement out without any worries. For those already using Metamucil, there is definitely no reason why you should not be using the coupons to help ease your financial burden during this bad economy period. In fact, this offer is the company way of repaying its loyal customers.

Metamucil vs Benefiber

Metamucil vs Benefiber, which is a better supplement for fiber? This is a very common question that consumers like to ask because these two are very similar products and they want to ensure that they are buying the better option. So which is the better product? To answer this question, we have to look at the ingredient of each supplement. Metamucil Coupon

In Metamucil, the main ingredient that it uses is psyllium seed husks. When mixed with water, these seed husks will become thicker and gelatin-like. Its purpose is to provide a laxative effect for the user by softening the stools. This is thus a product that is beneficial to those who are suffering from constipation. However, for those who are allergic to gelatin or who are vegetarians, this form of fiber supplements might not be suitable for you and that is probably the reason why you might want to compare Metamucil vs Benefiber and find out which is more suitable for you. Metamucil Coupon

Where Benefiber is concerned, wheat dextrin is the main ingredient used. Wheat dextrin is taken from starchy food, for instance, corn, wheat and potato. As such, both Metamucil and Benefiber are plant products and they are both very high in fiber. If you compare one teaspoon of both supplements, you will find that there are 13 grams of fiber in Metamucil while in the Benefiber supplement, there are around 8 grams. Thus you can see that where fiber content is concerned, both supplements are very high in them.

Besides the main ingredient found in these two supplements, the other difference you will find is the effect that the product will produce on you upon consumption. Wheat dextrin, the main component found in Benefiber, will not result in bloating and gas because these fibers will not become thick when it is mixed with water, unlike the psyllium seed husks that are found in Metamucil.

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Metamucil Coupon – Differences

Therefore, if you are using Metamucil Coupon as a fiber supplement for your diet, be prepared that you might feel bloating, especially during the first one or two weeks of using the supplement. However, if you are someone who has a very sensitive system, you might still get this bloating and gas effect even when you consume wheat dextrin.

The fibers used in both supplements are soluble ones, so they will slow down the digestion rate and result in slower absorption rate of glucose. This means that someone suffering from Type II diabetes will need less diabetes medications if they use these fiber supplements. However, if you are a diabetes sufferer, you should always check with your doctor first before you start on any of these two supplements. Metamucil Coupon

As such, before you decide on whether you want to use Metamucil or Benefiber, you should first consider the pros and cons of the two products before deciding. If you do not want the bloating effect, then you should use Benefiber instead. All in all, when considering Metamucil vs Benefiber, the greatest difference is that psyllium has been found by the United States of America’s Food and Drug Administration to have the effect of reducing the risk of contracting the coronary heart disease. Metamucil Coupon